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About The Owner of D4G-Fit: Coach Marnie

As owner and operator of D4G-Fit, I am a fitness professional that specializes in a holistic approach to healthy living. I emphasize lifestyle change through behavior modification to optimize health and achieve permanent weight loss. With a Masters in Exercise Science Health Promotion and Rehabilitation as well as NASM certifications in Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, Performance Enhancement, Fitness Nutrition, Weight Management, Behavior Change and as a Personal Fitness Chef, I am equipped to handle clients with all different fitness levels and nutrition concerns.

Having a personal story of triumph over obesity with a natural weight loss of 110 pounds, I can empathize with clients. I have the experience of knowing firsthand the journey, and what it takes to be successful. My personal belief is that education along with experience is very important. The way I lost weight and became fit may not be the right way for everyone. That's where formal education comes in along with professional status.

I have been featured in various publications (Ebony Magazine, Baltimore Times, and Deluxe Magazine) which highlight my passion to help others live their best lives possible through education, motivation, encouragement, and support. I believe with persistence and dedication anyone can "Transcend All Perceived Limitations" and are Destined for Greatness.

I am fully committed to my passion and desire to help as many people as I can achieve a healthier lifestyle. Contact me today for a complementary consultation, so we can determine your goals, and how best to accomplish them.

┬ęDestined for Greatness Lifestyle and Fitness Coaching LLC, By Marnie Sigur